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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to rip BGMs and Voice from DVD!

I use this software to rip: DVD Audio Extractor and this software to edit: Audio Editor

Mine is kinda complicated method. I think there are easier way 2 do it. But this is how I do it.

1) After opening DVD Audio Extractor, in DVD-Video source choose File-Open single DVD VOB file. After choosing the file from DVD click next.

2) In Output Format choose WAV.

Sample rate: 44100Hz
Channels: All 6 channels
Bits per sample: 16 bits

Tick "Save each channel into separate file"
Click Next

3) Choose output location, Tick "Save each channel into separate file". Click next.

4) Click "Start"

*CH 1 & 2 are BGMs, 3 is voice, 4 is Bass, 5 & 6 are sound effects and surround. Normally this is how there are recorded in a DVD.

Mix CH 1 & 2, Let Ch 1 be left and Ch 2 be right audio (Download). It's another head cracking procedure. I do this way to preserve the quality and to give the Stereo effect.. Try this out with any DVD.

Channel 3 is Voice. Songs appear as only voice here. This is how I rip Voice Only Songs...

I hope this info will be useful...


1) convert CH 1 & 2 into Stereo Wav format. Use Xilisoft Audio Converter

2) Open Ch 1(Stereo) in Audio Editor software I provided.

3) Select all (ctrl+A). Move cursor to right audio track. Move slowly till the cursor show R. When it shows R, make a right-click. Right audio will be chosen.

4) Click on "Silence the selected region". Save the file.

5) Open Ch 2 (Stereo), point the cursor to the left audio till it shows L. Right-click. Left audio will be selected.

6) Click on "Silence the selected region". Save the file.

7) Now open Ch 1 again and copy the entire track.

8) Open Ch 2, press ctrl+alt+V.

9) Mix setting will pop up. Choose 100% for both Amp Select and Amp Paste.

10) Save.

11) You can now start editing.

All tools mentioned on the post : Download
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